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Profhilo is an award winning injectable treatment. Using 100% hyaluronic acid, the treatment is not only deeply hydrating but it also works to remodel ageing and saggy skin tissue. For this reason, Profile is not only popular for the face, but also the neck, hands, arms, knees and abdomen. Once injected, the Profhilo will provide an immediate hydration boost before continuing over the next four weeks to stimulate elastin, collagen and attract moisture to the deeper layers of the skin. A visible transformation of the skin, smooth, plump, dewy, glowing skin is to be expected while crepey lines on the face , neck and decollate are smoothed. Profhilo works in sync with dermal fillers too..

A course of 2 treatments is required4 weeks apart for the true results of this treatment.

A maintenance treatment is recommended every 6 months to maintain results.

Course of 2 treatments - 30 minutes each - £350
Course of 3 treatments - 30 minutes each - £525
Maintenance treatment - 30 minutes - £185

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